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Gameplay trailer

5 years      
by Teemu in News

Alpha Polaris is approaching its releas!

Ccheck out the new gameplay trailer:

Alpha Polaris Demo out NOW!

5 years      
by Teemu in News

Get one for yourself before they run out. ;)

The demo is ment to give a solid impression of the game: voices, graphics,
story etc. As usual, the creators want to hear what you think about it!



Release date!

5 years      
by Teemu in News

The creators have shared a release date for Alpha Polaris:

The game will be released 24th of June 2011. The initial release will be in German and English
languages. The English digital download version can be ordered through their website.

As the launch nears, stay tuned for a gameplay trailer and some interesting previews by the devs...

Alpha Polaris English Voice Acting!

5 years      
by Teemu in News

The developers of Alpha Polaris have shared that the english voice acting
for the game is complete. They had this to say.

"During the course of the production of Alpha Polaris, we have seen the
characters we created slowly to come to life. But every now and then, they
seem to take huge leaps - for instance, when the original character
concepts were finished. However, the biggest breath of life happened a few
weeks back when we got the English voice files. It's amazing how much good
voice acting can contribute to a game - and frankly, we are surprised how
good AP voices came out. A big thanks goes to Just-A-Game and the studio we
worked with. It's actually situated in Hollywood, so me and our sound
techinician pulled a few all-nighters advising the actors on the other side
of the world."

Alpha Polaris teaser trailer

6 years      
by Teemu in News

Alpha Polaris has started its first beta a week ago,
Due to publisher company reorganizing, Alpha Polaris will be
published by a newly found company, Just-A-Game.

Alpha Polaris teaser trailer here. Let us know what you think of it!

Alpha Polaris is in alpha!

6 years      
by Teemu in News

Developers have shared that they are working on a new horror point and click adveture game Alpha Polaris

Check out the the screenshots here. All feedback
is welcome now and in the future.