Turmoil Games

Turmoil Games is an independent Finnish game studio founded in 2008 by a diverse group of media professionals. We started coming up with game concepts and making simple games for fun a couple of years ago. However, we did not originally consider game development a possible career option, partly due to our remote location in northern Finland (in fact, pretty much smack in the middle of the Arctic Circle).

At some point venture capital and the idea of starting a business got involved. We were very excited over the whole matter and almost went with it. However, we backed out once we realized it would have meant giving up our creative freedom in the long run.

Instead, we opted for what seemed like a more sustainable long-term business model (to us, at least). We found two more like-minded people, completing our team of five, and started game development out of our own pockets.

Fast forward one year, and we are working on Alpha Polaris, an atmospheric horror adventure game.

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